A Cup of Data 2021

A Cup of Data is a new series of shorter events focused on single use cases and related discussion. The second of these took place in June 2021.

Sessions were recorded and are available on demand below or via the DataTribe YouTube channel.

A Cup of Data Vol 2

Data Prep Smart Transformations Workshop

Jim Pan

Jim Pan

Director Product Management, Tableau CRM at Salesforce

Learn how to forecast sales using Time Series Forecasting and applying the magical Finance overrides in Data Prep Recipes, and then build white-space analysis end-to-end using Clustering.

Forecast case volume (and applying the same magical overrides to account for external and internal factors not in the data), detect sentiment in cases, and segment customers by case volume, sentiment trends, and CSAT scores to identify attrition risks for early action.

In order to follow the workshop you do need to get a developer org and make sure the pre-work has been done. Check out the link to both below.

🔗 Get an analytics developer org

🔗 View the workbook