Data Dreamin is a virtual conference organized by the DataTribe, the global community of Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) professionals and enthusiasts! The aim of the event is to bring Tableau CRM and data topics to all corners of the world, regardless of where you are located or if you have a local DataTribe. Our goal is to encourage new DataTribe members by showcasing the power of data, and empowering them to share their knowledge with the broader community.


Jodi Wagner

Salesforce MVP, Analytics Champion & Solutions Engineer at ShellBlack.com with 15 years experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Manny Omideyi

Salesforce Consultant, Analytics Champion and a frequent contributor at Tableau CRM community events.

Rikke Hovgaard

Tableau CRM enthusiast since 2015. Blogs and speaks data mostly on salesforceblogger.com. Founder of the London DataTribe.


Zachary Banks

Analytics Champion, Certified Salesforce Architect and Consultant where he focuses on helping businesses solve problems with declarative and programmatic solutions in Salesforce.