Tickets are live, get yours now!

Thanks for all your brilliant session submissions. Though we wanted to give everyone a chance to speak, we were not able to. With the sessions picked it is now time to launch tickets for DataDreamin.

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With the call for speakers closed, we went through the many interesting submissions and made our selection. Let’s be honest it wasn’t easy with a large number of submissions and few slots available as well as a great variety of subjects. With a few helpers outside of the organizing team, we tried our best to select sessions of different levels and categories to make this an event for the whole #DataTribe. Still, we want to express our gratitude to everyone that submitted a session as well as say a big thank you!

So what’s next? Tickets of course! We are pleased to announce that we have now released tickets for #DataDreamin. You will need to register for the event as a whole but also for each session you want to attend once we publish the schedule.

So head to Eventbrite and grab your ticket before it’s too late – and please share on social media. Together let’s make this a great learning experience.

See you September 19th, 2020!

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